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We value our patients' experience at Suburban Spine. If you are currently a chiropractic or orthopedic patient, or a past patient of Dr. Ungemach's or Dr. Foti's, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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I've had back pain for as long as I remember. Even after a lumbar fusion I was struggling with pain control and starting to lose hope at a "normal" life. Dr. Ungemach has been a life saver. After only a few sessions I'm finally starting to be able to get my life back. I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My only regret is not seeing him sooner. He's beyond knowledgeable and takes the time to help you understand what he's doing, why he's doing it, and genuinely wants you to get better!

Trish K. in PA - Google

Recently herniated my lower back. Dr. Scott knowledge and expertise has helped me get back on track. Dr. Scott is very friendly and cares very much about getting patients back to full recovery. I highly recommend Suburban Spine.

- Matt F. in PA - Google

There is nothing that compares to debilitating back pain and nothing but praise and thanks to the one that makes it go away. A thousand thanks, Dr. Ungemach.

- S.Q. in PA - FaceBook

After 2 spinal fusion surgeries, Dr. Ungemach's techniques, along with the latest technology he uses, gave me the pain relief that i was looking for. He's very kind and understanding and actually takes the time to explain things clearly. Anyone with back or joint pain should definitely schedule an appointment with him.

-J.R.  Wilmington DE * Yelp

I saw Dr. Ungemach while I was in town visiting family. I had severe lower back pain from the 18 hour drive. He explained to me that one or two adjustments wasn't going to fix me but he treated me for pain relief. I must say, he saw me twice and I felt so much better and was able to spend quality time with my family instead of laying in bed. He even set me up with a Chiropractor back in Fl. Thanks to my experience with Dr. Scott, I now see a chiropractor once a month. I can't thank him enough! 


I was ready to give up on feeling any better, until I started adjustments with Dr Scott Ungemach. I have fibromyalgia and back and neck problems for over 20 years. I am unable to take medication due to the side effects I always knew that chiropractic adjustments made me feel better than medications, but if my muscles were too tight, traditional manual adjustments would not help or last very long. Dr Ungemach has this machine that targets a specific area. It makes a tapping sound but you don't feel anything. It keeps tapping until the area starts to move freely. I also feel it is validation of the where my pain was. I was amazed the first time I went. I had limited range of motion in my neck and after my first treatment, I was able to turn my head without pain. I am also able to sleep better because my overall pain level has decreased. When I am in alignment everything feels better. My family, friends and coworkers even noticed the difference in me since I started treatment with Dr. Ungemach. Dr Ungemach combines traditional manipulations, using this machine and many other different techniques that I have never seen before. He will try as many techniques until you get the result you are looking for. It is not the same adjustment every time like other chiropractors. I highly recommend Dr Ungemach.  

- in PA  -

I am a runner and have had lower back pain for several months now. A friend recommended Dr. Ungemach so I decided to go see him. He took a history and did an exam and then asked if I was having any foot problems. I have never had any problems with my feet but once he started looking, touching my feet he found several painful spots. He started adjusting my right foot and then moved on to my hip and lower back. I have never felt better following an adjustment. It has now been three weeks since my last visit and I have to say, I no longer have any back pain at all, even when running. And I never new I had any painful spots on my right foot until he found them. Thanks again Dr. Ungemach for helping me out.

-Anonymous in PA - Wellness.com

As a first-timer to the Chiropractic world, I couldn't have possibly had a better experience. I was welcomed by both Dr. Scott and his staff with the most open of arms, and I felt like I had been goin g there for years. The entire process was prompt and painless, from checking in all the way through the amazing computer instrument adjustment. There was not a single second in which I felt that I was lacking individual care. Dr. Scott called me later in the evening to "Welcome me to the fold", as he so put it. He went over his recovery instructions, and provided tips and tricks to prevent future problems. I honestly believe that Dr. Scott genuinely cares about everyone that he meets and/or treats. If this review isn't convincing enough, I implore you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ungemach and see for yourself.

-S. F. in PA - Wellness.com       

All of the other reviewers were right, and I'm glad I read them over. Dr. Scott is the best, he is the first chiropractor I have gone to that has really explained what was going on. I hate having my neck twisted and relayed my concerns to him. He said that he could adjust me using a computer instrument and not have to twist my neck like all the others I have gone to! I have never seen anything like it before. It was painless and has helped me sooooo much that I can't even begin to thank him. If your are looking for a new chiro, then I would suggest calling Dr. Scott, I am sure glad I did!

-Steve M. in PA -

Dr. Scott Ungemach has helped me more with my headaches than any other doctor I have seen. I no longer wake up with headaches and feel like I have more energy throughout the day. Thank you Dr. Scott and I highly recommend him to anyone. He truly cares about his patients.  

Dawn. in PA - 

Dr. Ungemach has helped me with several different problems, lower back pain, hip pain, and most recently, my shoulder. He is very good at what he does.

Helen. in PA - 

The best!!!! Enough said. He fixed me up in a few visits and said "give me a call when you need me." I said see in a month or two, as I want to feel this good all the time. Thank you Dr. Ungemach for your help and your friendship, you are very rare in this day and age. AD06

Adam D. in PA - RateMDs

Dr. Scott has helped me with several problems over the years. He has kept me working which is greatly appreciated since I have two kids in college!!! And one on the way!!!  I would recommend him to anyone.

Tony W. in PA - RateMDs

Dr. Scott made me feel very comfortable with every visit even though I was apprehensive about going to a chiropractor. I recommend him to everyone I meet! Recently someone told me about another chiropractor much closer to home and I said, Ohhh no.. I like my chiropractor, I will not be switching!

Stephanie. in PA - RateMDs

Prior to Dr. Scott's relocation he effectively served my occasional chiropractic needs with professionalism and efficiency. I am disappointed to find that he has relocated beyond the distance I am willing to travel (125 Miles).  He will serve his new patients well!

Joe W. in PA - Wellness.com

He helped me with my neck pain and I have not had any headaches since.

Anonymous. - thedochelps.com

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After 2 spinal fusion surgeries, Dr. Ungemach's techniques, along with the latest technology he uses, gave me the pain relief that i was looking for. He's very kind and understanding and actually takes the time to explain things clearly. Anyone with back or joint pain should definitely schedule an appointment with him.

-J.R. Wilmington DE - Yelp

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